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A young woman who moved to Cookley after being told how great it is, has realised the error of her ways and has asked to move back into Kinver, although many are opposed her returning.

She is now pregnant and living in a small house just down from the Eagle and Spur, but she says that she was told by her boyfriend that Cookley would be better, and it just isn’t.

Speaking to Mike Littisore, our foreign correspondent, she said; “Darren said that moving here would be much better and that Kinver smelled of dog sh*t. He said he always wanted to live in Worcestershire, but let’s face it, it’s just outside Kidderminster, innit? I think he just wanted to come here for the cheap beer in the social club.”

People in Kinver are outraged and suggested that the woman should stay exactly where she is.

Derek Grum, a man we saw in the street, said; “It’s all very well and good gallivanting off thinking it’s better out there, but what’s she going to bring back with her? Disease? Strange ideas? A funny accent?”

A spokesperson for Kinver Parish Council said; “We are currently assessing Ms. Rection’s request to move back into Kinver, although it’s likely that we will have to find somewhere for her as it’s UK law that nobody can be made countyless. Our hands are tied, however she’ll have to be under constant surveillance to ensure she isn’t just trying to get more people to move to Worcestershire.”

Annie’s parents are outraged at the idea that she may be blocked from returning to her home of birth and have sought legal advice from people on Facebook.



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