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It has emerged today that having seen how effective South Staffordshire waste bin placements have been at stopping pedestrians and wheelchair users walk along Kinver High Street, President Trump has order over five million of the bins for his new Mexican border wall.

The bins, metal in construction with room to collect both general waste and recycling, have been placed in various positions throughout Kinver High Street, however they have caused consternation on a local Facebook page, with people complaining about their positioning.

We asked Kinver resident Willie Stroker for his comments on the bins, he said; “It’s absolutely ridiculous, when walking to get my fish and chips I have to divert my path in order to walk around this bins, it takes up to half a minute sometimes. Some nights I just don’t even bother.”

Trump is rumoured to also be poaching staff from South Staffordshire planning department to provide assistance on the best way to place the bins to be most effective at blocking drug dealers, terrorists and small babies.



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