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Since Donald Tusk announced that there was a “special place in hell” set aside for Brexiters who didn’t have a plan, the search has been on to find where that could be, and it appears Kinver High Street has the honour.

In particular, the area just by the pinch point by Basil’s, the entrance to the Acre car park and the Spar car park has been found to be such a horrible place to be at most times of the day that Satan himself has said surplus souls will be sent there in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Beelzebub told us; “We’re absolutely chock full lately, and we’re running out of places that are more horrible than Britain at the moment. It seems the bar for “Hell on earth” has risen quite a lot lately, what with potholes, floods and dodgy building applications, but we have noticed that when a delivery truck turns up at the Co-Op, that small square of High Street is an absolute shitstorm to drive through or even be near.”

He continued; “The major problem is that usually people are quite resigned to an eternity of pain and suffering, but since we’ve started getting Brexiters down here, even the most resilient have had enough. The butterfly stroking the planet-sized ball of steel pissed off after four days of listening to one of them wittering on incessantly.”

South Staffordshire Council have said they will be adding signs at either end of the village warning people to be on the look out for drunkards, lost souls and planning officials as they drive through.



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