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A conversation today happened on KinverOnline that used rational arguments, science and logic to discuss plans to the National Trust owned Edge escarpment, and it resulted in some great ideas.

Presented in a logical fashion, using the best available information and without any resort to angry exchanges or the use of all caps, everyone chipped in and a consensus was formed that allowed everyone to understand each other’s point of view and accept them.

Some people, who were originally very opposed to some of the views, took on board the arguments, researched the outcomes and changed their position rationally, enjoying the process and thanking others for their input.

Buoyed on by the outbreak of civility, other subjects were tackled that didn’t use opinion and prejudice, but instead took an open view on others’ concerns.

Without resorting to crowd-sourced petitions, angry shouting matches or bill posters stuck on trees, everyone decided that living together in a harmonious village was far more important than emotionally based points scoring, and agreed that working together on issues would work better in the long run, providing a better village for our children.

At no point did anyone posit a view that they’d simply taken from a tabloid newspaper and regurgitated as fact, and everyone agreed that it’s far better to thoroughly research a topic and take into account well-rounded research before making an angry post.



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