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Mission nearly aborted over fish & chip sign

A poorly positioned A-board advertising a village fish and chip shop nearly caused China to cancel their mission to map the dark side of the moon, risking an international incident.

A spokesman for the Chinese Space Agency told us that when they’d mapped out the route the rover would take, they hadn’t taken into account the fact that there may be obstacles.

She said; “We plan these missions many months in advance, and we’d plotted our route specifically to look at interesting rocks on the uncharted side of the moon. However, when the rover began its mission, the lander’s cameras noticed the A-board and we had to make adjustments to ensure we avoided it.”

This is the second time in a week that the A-board has caused problems and forced people to move a bit to the right in order to avoid it.

In Kinver, a village in South Staffordshire full of residents who like to moan, an A-board caused a backlog of people who simply couldn’t get around it.

Mike Littisore, our science correspondent was at the scene in the High Street and interviewed people who were attempting to navigate past the A-board.

A Kinver resident said; “This is absolute chaos, and I’m utterly flabbergasted that in today’s society we allow these things to happen. During the war we had to put up with bombs, rationing and poor sanitation, but even then, we never had to put up with this!

When someone suggested that it be moved out the way a bit, the now angry crowd were quick to put him in his place saying that moving it would be a health and safety nightmare if the person moving it hadn’t completed a risk assessment and donned relevant safety equipment.

Eventually the sign was moved and then ended up on the moon somehow.



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