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A photo of some dog poo hanging in a plastic bag has been sold at Sotheby’s for £86,000.

The photographer, Arthur Gutheridge of Dark Lane, said he was walking through the woods on Kinver Edge, and he had a shot of inspiration, he said; “As I was walking, I saw the bag just hanging there, and it dawned on me that there was a reason for it being there far bigger than simply an owner being too lazy to put it in a bin. The ethereal significance of a dog turd being suspended in mid-air was awe-inspiring, so I decided to take a photo.”

As it turned out, the original photo was a bit dull, but then Arthur had another great idea, “I searched on Google and found a site that converted pictures into that Andy Warhol style. You know, the fella who took the picture of the banana and some soup, and so I did that and out came this masterpiece!”

He continued, “Then, we were a bit drunk in The Steps one night and my mate Dave said I should try to sell it. I emailed the picture to BonusPrint and paid extra for a canvas version, then sent it to Sotheby’s, and here we are!”

At the auction on Wednesday, there was a lot of tension in the room as the bidding started slowly and then picked up.

Arthur told us, “We don’t know who bought it, but it was probably Saatchi or Banksy or someone, they love stuff like this.”

Mike Littisore approached Justin DeFront, art critic with The Times for his thoughts on the painting, he told us; “To many, this is a snapshot of modern life. As more and more people venture outside to take in the beauty of their surroundings, they choose a companion, usually a small dog. This photo captures the momentary lapse when the person realises that the dog’s faeces cannot be easily disposed of, much like they can’t dispose of their feelings of resentment or jealousy toward those they feel intimidated by.”

Mike: “But won’t some people think it’s just a bag of crap and has no value?”

Justin: “It will have its critics, but those who do forget the subjective nature of art and life. Those who see fit to disparage or besmirch are usually running away from their own inadequacies, finding fault in others is a typical response to many who are trying hard to hide their own faults. Sometimes they are merely attempting to gloss over their deficiencies or mask the pain of a troubled life, and so they will bite, attack and criticise anything, but usually, they pick on those whom they inwardly admire. You often find that if someone outwardly condemns your work, they are secretly harbouring desires for you.”

Mike: “But, what is it really?”

Justin: “It’s just a bag of shit.”



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