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People who hate their job and everyone they work with have made it perfectly clear on social media that there’s nothing wrong with the roads and they’re going to get to the office to prove it.

The snow overnight has closed hundreds of schools and led local councils to suggest people should only travel if absolutely necessary, but some people are unrepentant.

We spoke to Kinver Resident Jack Ulate who said, “I absolutely loathe my job and my boss is an arse, but I’m determined to show them I can get to work in bad weather. It’s ridiculous that they should close schools, and people who decide to take the day off are just lazy.”

Mike Littisore, our local correspondent was over the Edge in Kinver speaking to people who decided to make the most of the weather.

Eileen Dover, a resident of the village, was out having a snowball fight with her kids. She said, “I decided to take the day off and spend it with the children, we’re then going for lunch with friends before spending the afternoon in the pub, it’ll be great!”

We spoke to Jack after he’d got to work, she said, “There are only half the people here, the other bunch of complete arseholes haven’t come in, I suppose they’re probably being happy and enjoying the day somewhere. I hate them.”



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