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A new speed sign, recently erected on Hyde Lane as you enter the village, has been annoying visitors with flashing speed limits and smiley faces as they approach.

However, one resident was left in shock when the sign began to “flip her the bird”.

Anita Beejay was returning to the village after shopping at Aldi, she told us, “As I was coming into the village, I noticed I was doing 35mph and the sign flashed red. When I didn’t slow down, it flash red again, then gave me the middle finger, I was extremely distressed.”

Anita reported the incident to the Parish Council, however they denied it was even possible for the sign to “flip people off” and referred us to the manufacturer.

We sent our transport correspondent, Mike Littisore, to investigate.

Mike contacted the designers of the sign and spoke to the head of their technical department, Willie Stroker.

Willie told us, “The signs are a matrix of LEDs, so in effect they could indeed display simple images, but we have never programmed it to show a middle finger.”

Mike asked if they’d ever programmed an image, and Willie said, “Yes, if you drive at exactly 26.5mph towards the one in Kinver it will show a picture of a cock.”



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