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Kinver residents have urged Councillor Victoria Wilson to take action as every single house in Kinver was broken into on Christmas Eve between the hours of 11 pm and 1 am.

People have reported missing mince pies, half empty glasses of port and whisky and half-eaten carrots left on plates, leading people to believe the culprit will be inebriated, and probably diabetic.

CCTV shows a man in a suit and beard making his way across a garden in White Hill in the early hours.

Mike Littisore is on holiday in Spain, so we asked a bloke in the pub for his view on the shocking news, he said; “Since the police station was closed down, it’s become like the Bronx round here, it’s absolutely disgusting that Kinver is left to rot. That fat bloke in a funny hat must’ve been seen by someone, I mean, there are 2,000 houses in the village and he broke into all of them! It’s a disgrace! They should let us have guns or something.”

Kinver Parish Council, when approached to comment, said it was Christmas, they’re closed and could we please stop calling them.



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