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Kinver Edge car park has been closed to doggers after drones were spotted hovering over the area famous for steamy windows and creaking suspension.

Closing the area, the National Trust said they had a duty to preserve the privacy and safety of people who regularly visit the area to peer into cars containing fornicating couples.

Jamie Smith, a regular dogger who asked not to be named, said; “This is outragous, I had come here for a good Christmas bit of tupping with Mandy out the office and it’s closed, it’s put my weekend back by hours, and it seems the National Trust won’t be offering compensation. I can’t believe anyone would do this so close to Christmas.”

As the drones continued to fly and disrupt people’s fun, Kinver Parish Council vowed to send some operatives up there in high-vis vests to try to find the culprit.

It is hoped the Edge will be open again to doggers by Christmas Eve, when it’s thought Stan Collymore will be holding his annual “Celebrity Dogging” event.



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