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It has been revealed that Kinver Twinning association is currently in negotiations with the city of Wakanda in Africa to forge new links should Brexit talks fail.

These talks are taking place as new documents released by the government have indicated that existing twinning association links will have to be severed in the event of a no-deal exit from the EU.

Instead, Twinning associations are encouraged to look to other countries to re-twin:

A member of Kinver’s Twinning Association who refused to be named, said, “We especially like Wakanda, they have a thriving economy and certainly, the film we have seen shows a very advanced city built on green energy, ample housing and excellent transport links.

Although we’ve only spoken to their leader, T’Challa, by email so far, it seems they are keen to join with us and are preparing a group to come and visit.

In order for them to come, though, we need to raise $5000.00 in order to release funds from T’Challa’s father’s bank, so we’re doing a fundraiser at the Kinver fete to raise the money.”



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