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In an attempt to help children understand the problems many people suffer in the world, Kinver Schools have altered their nativity plays to emphasise the plight of many who find themselves in a war-torn country having to struggle to survive.

The hard-hitting versions of the nativity will show how the couple have to escape their country under cover of darkness, cross borders without being seen and then seek lodgings in a place that is generally hostile to their cause.

We asked Ed Grumby, a drunk bloke at the bar in the Batham’s, what he thought of the changes, he said; “This is PC gone absolutely mad! These people should be dealt with in the first country they come to, they just come here because they know the welfare state is a soft touch, they hand out stables and mangers willy-nilly these days, it’s a disgrace! Hopefully we’ll have a hard Brexit and end this nonsense.”

There have been calls to boycott the play due to the revelation that the woman in the story will be pregnant and the couple is unmarried.

This has angered church leaders who suggest that such a story is not suitable for primary children and is simply an example of how society is pandering to the liberals.

Another change to the classic tale replaces the three wise men with inspectors from the National Lottery investigating allegations of charity fraud.



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