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In a move sure to enrage already angry parents, Kinver High School have doubled down on its ruling that all school trousers and skirts include the KHS logo, and also stipulated that they must be embroidered with 18 carat gold thread.

The new ruling comes as parents are already reeling from the news they must buy a completely new uniform for the new year, and will only cause more problems for those struggling with budgets.

A parent on Facebook who refused to be named but has a profile picture of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier sleeping in a cot, said, “This is absolutely ridiculous! I bought my kids new uniform in April during the sales, then when they imposed this stupid logo rule I had to buy all new clothes, and now, just two weeks before they go back we have to buy again! In gold!! It’s f*****g nuts! Absolute c***s!!!”

Price & Buckland, the only supplier stocking the new uniform, has recently updated its website to reflect the new logo & pricing.

Mike Littisore, our education correspondent, reached out to the school to try to understand the reasoning behind this new rule, and received the following statement:

“Due to pupils failing to comply with uniform rules, including wearing skirts that are too high, and trousers that are too tight, we have decided to make it compulsory to buy trousers from just one place so we could keep control of standards. We then noticed other outlets were selling them, so we changed the logo at the last minute to gold to ensure quality control is maintained at all times.”

“It is not the school’s policy to consult with parents, we think they’re a bit stupid anyway, and they’d disagree with us whatever we said.”

It’s believed the new uniform will set parents back at least £250 per pupil, and it’s rumoured that even more rules are to be enforced, including the compulsory wearing of trainers with flashy lights, and diamond buttons on blouses.



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