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A new report out today has confirmed what we all believed, that Gavin Williamson is a massive tool and a huge embarrassment to the government, his constituents and anyone who voted for him.

From having spiders on his desk in order to ‘scare’ people, to threatening to ‘bring down Theresa May’ because ‘he made her and can break her’, it seems this ex-fireplace salesman from the North thinks he’s some sort of big guy when really he’s a tiny squeaking nothing who smiles his way through life turning up to cut ribbons outside anything that requires opening just to get his grinning obnoxious face in front of as many people as possible so when it comes to voting day people will put a cross in the box next to his name because it’s the only one they recognise. (and…. breathe)

His latest ruse is to brag to his army mates about how much money he can get for them apparently. Because that’s how people negotiate in politics these days.

Remember, he’s in charge of defence.




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