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A new and shocking Internet game is causing havoc in Kinver and organisations have been quick to warn people to watch for signs in case it affects them.

It’s been reported that a message is appearing on Whatsapp, apparently from a friend, that asks the recipient to innocently “go for a drink”, but family organisations have suggested that it goes much further than this.

Jenny Taylia, head of the “Safe Internet For Dads” project told us that it’s often the beginning of a long and drawn out game with a shocking conclusion.

She said; “It begins with an innocent request to go for a drink, but very soon you’ll notice the dad who has received this message will begin to go out more regularly. Next they’re asked to buy peanuts and crisps, then more dads turn up and it becomes a group, all doing the same thing and then a ‘herd mentality’ takes over.

Before long, some of the dads begin to wear those jumpers that have a t-shirt sewn into them, or ‘shumpers’ as they’re known, until eventually they buy a dog. At this point ‘taking the dog a walk’ takes on a whole new meaning, we believe in most cases it means they’re going for a drink with their mates, although we’ve yet to confirm this as true.”

It’s believed the whole thing starts when someone sends a shocking picture of an empty pint glass to the victim, and there are reports Peppa Pig videos are being hacked with images of people drinking appearing in the middle, causing distress to sober men.

An exampled hacked video

Partners of affected men are asked to limit YouTube and Whatsapp use within the home, and counsellors have explained that a mobile phone is no substitute for a quickie every now and then.



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